Hooria Rafiq

Hooria Rafiq is the second most popular female Naat Khawan after Umme Habiba. She has become a role model for new generation. Her heart-touching voice has been admired by everyone. She belongs to Karachi Pakistan and has been reciting Naats since she was a kid. Hooria has a true talent of naat khawani. She has a greater aptitude and skills of reciting naats in some most harmonious, dulcet sounds. His sound tracks including “Ya Mohammad noore mujassam ” and “YA shafi E Ummam lillah kar do Karam” are the most listened naats. She has guest appearance for naat khawani in a number of television programs. She has also  travelled outside of the  country for reciting naats. Hooria Rafiq has been very popular among female naat khawans. NaatSharif has all the latest MP3 Naats of Hooria Rafique with updated lyrics.