Daikhty Jana Ali Akbar

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Daikhty Jana Ali Akbar is one of the favourite Naat by Mir Hasan Mir. The melodious and sweet voice of Mir Hasan Mir is admired by the fans. Mir Hasan Mir has recorded this Perfect quality and favourite Naat Sharif in MP3 format. To download Mir Hasan Mir's Naat Daikhty Jana Ali Akbar on your Device, simply click the three dots and then download.

Mir Hasan Mir is more famous for noha khawani and manqabat recitation. He was born in the year 1976 in a family of practicing ahle tashee school of thought.
His originally belongs to a village named Jhampir, almost 70 miles away from Karachi City. He is by profession an economist. He is married and has 2 kids named Jawad and Qasim. Mir Hassan Mir have dedicated most of his talent towards noha khawani and he have been very successful in the field of noha khawani. He also use to travel through other countries for attending mahafile naat o hand and niha khawani where people show him their true love as they eagerly want to listen him.
Mir Hasan Mir has in born talent of noha and manqabat recitation. His family was famous for beautiful noha khawani, especially his forefathers had a great contribution in the history of noha and naat shareef. He seems to be greatly inspired by his elders. Mir Hassan Mir also, occasionally writes poetry. We have a number of his nohas and naats for our audience so that they can enjoy and meditate themselves with such  pleasant voice that not only gives a relaxing effects to the body but also penetrates the real effect into the souls.

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