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Chand Sy Haseen Chehra

Naat Khawan: Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Qadri
Album: Ramzan Naat Special  Album  “Naat Parhtay Hain ” – Islamic Naats ( Urdu Naat  , Punjabi Naat )
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Naat & Hammd
Language: Urdu

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Aaqa Aaqa Pyary Pyary Aaqa
Jurm o Isyan Sy Reha Hony Ka Chara Mango
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Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Qadri

Al-Haaj Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Qadri is one of those lucky few youngsters who have had their name famous all over the world, but not in any ordinary sense. His claim to fame is his fervor for spreading the Deen, and Ishq-E-Rusul (S.A.W). Hafiz Tahir Qadri was born on the 9th of January in the city of Karachi. From his childhood, he had a burning passion about reciting the praises of the Chosen One Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). It was the Islamic Environment in his home, and the help and encouragement of his respected father that he entered the world of Naatkhuwani. Also great credit goes to a Masjid in his area, Noor Masjid, where he used to go and recite the praises of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). His Naatkhuwani first formed a professional state in the year 2000, when he released his first ever album, “ALLAHU PUKAARAY JAA” with a local company Faizan-E-Ashraf. Although the album might not have been a hit, some of the poems read in that album are certainly famous today, such as the title track Allahu Pukaaray Jaa or the Punjabi one Main Kinnu Kinnu Dassan.

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